How I Solved quiztime(APR-15) OSINT challenge

The challenge is to find the following details by using the images provided

The challenge

1). How did I found the band name and the song? 🔎

Yandex search result

2). How I got the Timestamps ⏱

time stamps

3). How did I found the location 🗺

image 01
mobile number lookup
google result
map result
Result 2

43°39'18.8"N 79°23'56.7"W

- Third image

Image 3
image result

43°39'22.7"N 79°23'58.3"W

- Second image — Inside a Record store

facebook result
facebook comment
Record store

44°23'23.7"N 79°41'23.7"W

- Last image

canola fields” ( maybe ) From the Director’s Facebook post.

Job Done 😁

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